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12 - 01 - 2016

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Jon Bellion strikes Philadelphia during his 2016 Tour!

Where did such a unique, fun-loving, and unforgettable artist emerge from? Jon Bellion has quickly blossomed out of Long Island, NY into the face of hip-hop/pop and contemporary R&B within this past year. The singer, rapper, songwriter, and producer has been traveling from coast to coast with his energetic crew for his 2016 Tour.

On November 22, 2016, Jon Bellion brought his magic to the city of Philadelphia at The Electric Factory! The show started off with opening performances, one being Black Keys. Black Keys is a new hip-hop/rap artist who is bringing authentic hip-hop back to the industry. He owned the stage and dropped jaws with his clever and humorous bars. Black Keys is making an impeccable introductory to the world during this tour!


After Black Keys killed the stage with his mind-blowing bars, Travis Mendez stole the mic! Travis Mendez is Jon Bellion’s partner in crime. He entered the stage strong and ready to get the crowd on their feet. The hip-hop musician performed his new singles that turned the stage into a live party. After Travis Mendez got the audience crazed up for the show, the man himself made his first appearance on stage! The room roared as Jon Bellion gifted the audience with his bright smile and warm presence.

There was no better way to start the show off than to perform his hit single “All Time Low”. Jon Bellion and Travis Mendez worked the entire stage as a musical team. Singing, dancing, and engaging the crowd is what Jon Bellion does best.


The emerging artist hits hard with his performance!

Jon Bellion is a one of a kind musician that is very hard to find in today’s overflow of music. The difference between Jon Bellion and other existing artist is what he brings in his performances. A show consists of more than singing his lyrics to his music. Jon Bellion believes a show consists of delivering an entire experience to each fan in the crowd. He performs in a way that allows each fan to feel like they are jamming out with the artist at their own party.

How does he create such a personal connection with his audience? Jon Bellion lets his true artistry shine through when he performs by releasing his sense of humor. He dances in whichever way the music takes his body. He stays true to who he is as a person when he is up on stage. Jon Bellion is goofy, has a huge heart, promotes love and peace, and wants to have genuine fun with his fans.


Jon Bellion is a gift to the music industry

There is one more factor that this musical genius brings to his shows other than a killer performance with dope music. Jon Bellion brings unity and faith to his concerts. Towards the end of the concert, the musician took time to brings everyone in the audience together by speaking through his heart. He preached the importance of coming together as one, loving one another, and having faith in one another no matter the differences in race, religion, or class. This one artist was able to create a special aura that touched hundreds of people. He inspired his fans to chase their dreams and keep faith in themselves. Jon Bellion stated,”I am the most normal guy out there. So if I can do this and be up here now, so can you!”


Jon Bellion is hitting a complete success with his 2016 Album “The Human Condition”. He will continue his tour through the holiday season to spread his love. Some of his upcoming performances will take place in Long Island NY, Kansas City MO, Tampa FL, and Berlin, Germany. This is a mesmerizing experience that you don’t want to miss. Jon Bellion will give you a night to remember and a piece of the fire that lives within his heart. How often do you get to see an artist sing, dance, and spin his own music live on stage?


Be sure to check out “The Human Condition” on SoundCloud and Spotify!

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