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11 - 24 - 2017

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Ohio singer-songwriter Jon Schuyler (pronounced “Sky-ler”) recently debuted the long-awaited “God’s Eye”. The new album is a follow up to 2016 project “199x”.


On the new album, Schuyler takes listeners on a 13-track sultry journey. In an age where R&B doesn’t get much recognition, there are artists who still keep the genre afloat by crafting organic sounds.

This is an R&B project you can listen to from start to finish with no skips, it’s that raw.

For listeners and fans who have followed Schuyler since his “Velvet Underground” days, it’s safe to say there is growth in God’s Eye.

Jon revealed “Unanswered Calls” and “Take Time” as the lead singles for the album.

From the subject matters to the beat selections, this is Jon’s most personal project to date.

This artist has an interesting way of blending r&b melodies with rap bars which is pretty impressive.

In Track 9, “The Session” Jon raps:

“Match me, I thought you were gonna match me, you just wanna smoke tax-free. You just wanna smoke, spit bars, Max B, you so wavy Baby.”

“Tell me why you still with a n*gga, who don’t lift you up, couldn’t give a lift or get a Lyft to pick you, tell that lame n*gga give it up.”

Schuyler keeps it trill with his melodic rap bars and soulful harmonies.

As a millennial, Jon alludes to our phone usage and how it interferes with young relationships. This can be heard in “Phones Off” and “Unanswered Calls.”

In today’s music, success is parallel with relatability, listeners want to relate and fill in your shoes. Schuyler’s strong point is relating to his audience.

The artist touches on topics and situations we all go through or currently going through. With a splash of 90’s soul on all his tracks, Jon Schuyler is a special artist.

Listen to: SuperLove, Same Love, Take Time, Carmen San Diego, The Session and You Got Me.


“God’s Eye” by Jon Schuyler is now available on Apple Music, Spotify, Tidal, Google Play and many more.

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Changing levels x Breaking Standards x Elevating all