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01 - 11 - 2017

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As we embark on our 2017 journey of music, artists prepare for new projects, visuals, and more-than-improved lyrics. You could say 25-year-old rapper Joshua Luke Smith is doing the same. Smith releases the visual for “Heart of Man” this week, and we’re more than excited.

The more you listen to Smith, the more you’ll understand his love for words and how well he uses them. As a philosophy graduate, Smith showcases his knowledge and wordplay in his work as well as any wordsmith would. Smith centers his craft around social awareness topics while delivering it in a way that everyone can sense his concern.

Needless to say, everyone can reflect back to 2016 and see how much chaos accrued. From video recorded acts of police brutality to terroristic threats on nations, the world has experienced too much mayhem for one to handle. Smith teams up with director Dominic Doring and he reflects back to those moments in his visual for “Heart of Man”.

As soft piano keys invite us to this work, we are also joined by no other than Smith himself. Blue ocean tides then turn into a dark room with what looks like a screen projector. The projector shows scenes of children and refugees in the hands of militia army. Smith, with his full red beard and all black attire, speaks on the topic of why we are here. “I write about a heart of man, I’m trying to understand what we’re here for/ You know I shed a few tears seen a picture with that kid lying still on the sand of the seashore”, Smith says.

“Heart of Man” delivers a heartfelt message that greatly explains majority of our emotions while witnessing all the acts in 2016. Smith, along with the rest of the world, wish for world peace and prosperity. Though it might be difficult to achieve, we can express our thoughts and concerns through works like “Heart of Man”.

If you’re interested in getting a live experience from Joshua Smith, check out his tour dates for a city near you. For every stream and download of “Heart of Man”, proceeds will go towards the Preemptive Love Coalition. Help out those in need, and check out “Heart of Man” today.

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Changing levels x Breaking Standards x Elevating all