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09 - 06 - 2016

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Jovan “The Chicago MC has something to say about selfie queens”. The artist releases her music video for “Social Media Girls” from her 3-track self-produced visual compilation titled “The Conscious EP. “

Jovan believes that the social media girl is an epidemic. She came up with the idea for the song while scrolling through Instagram “baddies” profiles whose pages were full of selfies with thousands of likes.

In her song, she shows that she feels as though these girls draw their value from the likes and views that they get on their social media profiles. “The internet creating imaginations feeding into our fascination, that we forget the real conversation and who we define our representation,” the MC touches on the idea that social media allows us to create the lives that we want people to think we have. Through her satirical approach, she attempts to encourage females to understand that they are so much more than just their views on Snapchat and their retweets on Twitter.

Jovan uses her visuals to show different perspectives on the subject, one being the business woman and the other being the coveted social media girl. Her social media girl has to be the more satirical of the characters that she portrays in her video. She sports a large afro with a stuffed bra and tattoos that are hand drawn on her body. This character is juxtaposed by her business woman dressed in slacks and a blazer addressing the social media girl “your filthy filter passing off as fiction. Showing/Telling: Are you really living? Deep down inside, you’re in a scrimmage. Thinking life is all about a competition.”

The project as a whole comes together so nicely. A unique part of the video is the use of green screen and under ranking, methods the artist has come to use in her photography and film works. Undercranking in the music film world refers to the use of recording the subject performing the song slowed down, then sped up in post-production editing, giving the visuals an animated feel. This type of production is reminiscent of videos from artists like Missy Elliot and TLC, Left Eye in particular, both from which the MC draws her inspiration.

The MC is a multi-talented artist with hopes of being able to use her photography, film, and music skills to prove that the hip hop culture is in fact not dead.

Make sure you listen and download her “The Conscious EP.” I’m sure it will make you laugh and think all at the same time


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