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09 - 30 - 2016

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J-Starzik was born in Queens, New York and moved to Charlotte,NC. He started writing his own music at the age of nine years old. His passion lead him to become an independent artist after a two-year deal with a music label. While being an independent artist he has launched his new mixtape called, “Rated R&B” in September. The mixtape is phenomenal and has 17 tracks.

J-Starzik style is somewhat similar to Drake’s style. He can rap and sing. His whole “Rated R&B mixtape is a real life story situation. He starts his “Rated R&B” with an intro called, “On Da Way” that gives you a nice sultry feel from the start. Throughout it continues to give you that feel good vibe.  With “Rated R&B” you can take it with you everywhere and listen to it.  His mixtape offers something for the ladies and for the fellas as well. One of the songs that is really great on the album is “25” and “Stay”. These songs are really personal to him.

I had to chance to interview J-Starzik and he explained to me why “25” was a favorite and the meaning behind it. He told me that “25” came from a relationship that he had with his ex girlfriend and she told him that she could have anyone that she wanted. So, what did J-Starzik do? He wrote about that and said he could have any lady that he wanted as well.

His single “25”, which is a song that everyone likes and that he is promoting as a single is a very catchy song. It has a nice vibe to it, its slow, and the hook it catchy. His whole mixtape really stays consistent with the feel from the beginning of the intro to the outro!

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Changing levels x Breaking Standards x Elevating all