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09 - 20 - 2016

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June Diamond has only just begun! The rising entertainer has released his last single, “Wind it”, as an introduction to his official EP coming soon! 

“Wind It” is a poetic hip-hop and rap adventure that will take over your body with rhythm. This dope single delivers a very sexual vibe and will have you moving to the beat without even knowing.


June Diamond has dedicated the last 14 years of his life to mastering his unique talents. This artist is a triple threat! He writes his own music, sings and raps, and puts on an unbelievable show with his creative choreography.

June’s insane wordplay and variety in sound makes him especially different. He produces music from the heart that allows his fans to connect to the lyrics themselves. He is constantly expressing the emotional struggles of relationships. Love, drugs, and heartbreak; there is a song for every painful experience. On the flip side, June Diamond will have your bedroom sounding like a night club in the matter of seconds with his party tracks.

A series of singles called the Chapters Collection has been released. “Blind”, “F**k Wit Me”, and “Wind it” being the last single concludes the Chapters Collection. “Wind It” is an intimate track with an upbeat vibe that is perfect to play as your night is coming to an end. June expresses his connection with a beautiful girl that he has been mysteriously “vibing” with throughout the night. Now that the lights are getting low and time is running out, he wants to be with this girl and quit the games. June sings, “We’ve been talking all night, lets now play”. June caresses you with his smooth lyricism and the beat flows right through your body.

This is just the beginning for this talented hip-hop entertainer. Perception, his official EP, will be released on October 1, 2016! June is a diamond that can not be broken, let alone scratched. He has never been more prepared to take on this journey with his music. The question is, are you?


Available now on SoundCloud!

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Changing levels x Breaking Standards x Elevating all