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06 - 25 - 2018

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In your own words who is June3rd?

June3rd he’s an underdog for sure. I’ve been an underdog my whole life, a hustler, very rebellious in a good way. In a way where you’re not going to tell me “I Can’t-Do This” I’m very unselfish. I don’t know if it’s to a fault?

Unselfish. Rebellious. Underdog and a Hustler.

And you’re from where?

Kissimmee Florida.

How’s the environment?

It’s very small. It’s weird. I loved growing up there because everybody was so close, everybody knew everybody but I just knew I had way bigger dreams to get out of that city. I moved to LA I guess to pursue music. I came to work out here with a pretty important writer. I don’t know if I necessarily moved out here just to pursue it. I came out here ‘cause my friends were out here and the writer I wanted to work with was out here too so it all fell together but LA was my first destination. I knew I wanted to live here. I didn’t necessarily come out here for music, music can reach people from anywhere.

At what age did you know music was your passion?

I started making music and recording in 8th or 9th grade. I think I was so bad at delivering it that I fell in love with it from there. Recording-wise I would say 12 or 13. I was always making beats on the table and stuff in school. They used to give me awards like ‘Best Drummer Award”.  I always loved music but I started loving it when I was recording and was really bad, I had to get good at it.

You seen it as a challenge?

Yes, I think that was the only reason why I fell in love with it.

How did your name June3rd come about?

My grandfather’s nickname is June. I went through a couple of weak names before I got June3rd. My grandfather passed away and he was the first person in my family I had ever lost. That just meant a lot to me, so I wanted to find a way to keep his name alive. Out of respect, I just changed it to June the 3rd generation.

How did your single “Fraction” come about?

Fraction came out because…it’s a crazy story. I had a session with Sean. Sean who produced “Daily” and it was a terrible session. I couldn’t think of anything. I had writers block. We wrapped the session early like “forget it” we started getting drunk then my boy Kojo who produced “Fraction” his studio is in the same building as Sean. We went to Kojo’s studio to see what he had going on. He played the beat and i don’t now if it was because we were drunk but it was just two different vibes. Me and Sean’s session was so serious and Kojo’s session was fun. I never came back to the record, I wasn’t in love within. Then my manager came to town, he was in LA, and I had another session with Kojo. I was like can you play that hook for him? My manager was like “You need to finish that right now” A couple of days later, i came back in, did the verse and put it out.

What sets you apart from other artists who are out right now?

What sets me apart is, you can see the authenticity in me as a person. A lot of people are faking to please certain audiences. Everybody is following a certain formula to get on in this generation. I feel I am very straight forward in my music.

Who are some of your musical influences?

Chris Brown, Boyz II Men, The Fugees, DMX, Lil’ Wayne. Those are people I watched growing up and would study. I like Ty Dolla Sign a lot from the newer generation. There are a lot of folks I look up to musically talent wise. There is a lot of talent in the game now and back then. I want to make a record with Ty Dolla Sign, I have something for him right now

How did you and Sean Ross link up for your single “Daily”?

Me and Sean have been working since 2015. All the people, I’m working with now I’ve know since I got to LA.  How Daily came about, me and Sean haven’t worked for a year due to differences we had. We got back together last month. The first session we had we made “Daily” and we wanted to put it out. We have known each other for so long, it was so organic, we had to put it out. He writes with me as well, It’s just a good vibe, he’s my real friend.

When listening to your music, I hear a nice unique vibe, how do you specifically want to be received as  an artist by your fans or listeners who don’t know you?

I’m very straightforward and blunt. However people receive it is how I want them to receive it.  That’s exactly what I was going for, I wont beat around the bush, when writing my music. If it’s vulgar, it’s vulgar. I’m just very transparent with it. However they receive it is exactly how I want them too.

When can listeners expect your debut EP or Album? Are you working on a project?

I am working on a project and I’m not at the same time.  I’ve been putting singles out to build up a following.  To have more listeners and people to look forward to it. We have enough material to drop an EP. Hopefully by the end of the year we can get one out. it’s nothing to drop an EP. It should be  a great body of work. I care about the details. Whether it’s an EP or an album, it’s going to be well put together.

Are there any other artists you would like to work with? I remember you saying Ty Dolla Sign.

Yes, I coming for Ty right now. It’s gonna go crazy. Ty, I want to work with Chris. I want to work with Childish Gambino. I just became a new fan of Childish Gambino. I like how diverse he is. I started watching Atlanta and thought it was amazing how great of an actor and director he is. I want to work with him, The Migos, and many more. There are a lot of dope new artists.


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