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11 - 05 - 2016

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Not many can follow the footsteps of their predecessors. It isn’t an easy role to play or task to deliver.

When you’re called, you know it.

You know it because everything in your life with purpose strongly pulls you to your calling at all times.

In an industry where there is only 1 Cole, 1 Kendrick and 1 Nas, there is Jus Alex.

Jus Alex hails form the south side of Metro-Atlanta. The young lyricist is defined by his unique sound and storytelling abilities. Upon first listen, I believe he will be compared to a younger J.Cole, Logic and even Mick Jenkins.

At only 23 years of age, he has already released 4 singles with music videos to accompany the records. As an independent artist, he aspires to turn his passion into a dream job.

For artists like him all it takes to get there is quality, creativity, hard work and consistency. Jus Alex has the look and melodic tone to make it and with records like “Rap Mood” he is surely on his way.


Jus Alex told CAQ that “Rap Mood” describes his feelings and emotions, behind everything, that one may see on the surface.

Rap Mood is a thank you to God for his gifts and a salute to his family for the support. His message is “find your way and follow your heart.”

Watch the visual for “Rap Mood” above.



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Changing levels x Breaking Standards x Elevating all