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11 - 12 - 2016

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Toronto artist K. Forest is back with Eyes of Taiga, proving that although he is a rookie, he is here to stay.

K. Forest kicked off the year with his debut album, Forest Fire, to rave reviews.

Forest proves that Drake isn’t the only talented artist out the 6 that is connected with credits in the game.

His name received more recognition when Houston artist Travis Scott reworked his song Guidance, for his album Birds in the Trap Sing McKnight.

Vancouver has hit it off in Canada in terms of the business capital, but we owe it to Toronto, Ontario for shedding light on the music scene.

The 6 has done a good job of producing notable Hip-Hop acts. K. Forest has done his part to put Brampton on the Hip-Hop Map.

Eyes of Taiga

The album starts with Salvation, a record with a Drake inspired beat, but K. Forest finds himself confessing his love for a female and his true feelings of redemption.


The 2nd song, Link, finds K.Forest showcasing his R&B chops, the beat is somber but his lyrics are a true confession of his life, thoughts, and contradictions.

Song 3, Attached is lyrically K.Forest best song. He fuses his brash thoughts with R&B and a touch of Hip-Hop to make one of my favorite cuts from this album.

His best song is Track 6, Before you Go. Listening to this makes is clear that K.Forest is not only dedicated to his sound, but is diverse and experimental.

Before you Go showcases his production chops, as Eyes of Taiga was produced entirely by K. Forest himself and Ye Ali.

That showcases his dedication not only to music but his craft and fans, which is rare in today’s music industry.

From Track 1-11, K. Forrest blends R&B with his talented production to craft not only one the best albums from Toronto, but in the R&B genre today.

K.Forest not only deserves more credit, but more attention, and I think he has done just that. Catch him on tour promoting his album near you.

Follow the link above to listen to this great album.



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Changing levels x Breaking Standards x Elevating all