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05 - 24 - 2017

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Colombian singer, Kali Uchis, and London-based singer, Jorja Smith’s latest release, Tyrant, is a dynamic and catchy track.

Kali Uchis has had much success in the past, working with well-known hip hop artists like Tyler, the Creator, Kaytranada, and Vince Staples. She’s also worked with some unexpected indie artist pairings, like neo-jazz band BadBadNotGood. However, Tyrant is off her first full-length album as a solo artist. It gives us a peek into what she has in store for the rest of the album.

Tyrant definitely highlights Kali Uchis’ vocal abilities, as her breathy voice sings throughout the track in both English and Spanish. Her bilingual lyrics create a more dynamic track and help shape a unique image. Jorja Smith’s voice is the perfect contrasting compliment to go along with Kali. Their two differing sounds allow for each artist’s voice to shine. Jorja Smith is a welcome introduction to the track, as her slight British accent and sultry sound definitely benefit the track greatly. Smith has a similar sound to the legendary voice of Adele and shows real promise with such powerful vocal talent.

Tyrant starts off with a great beat. Uchis’ voice is smoothly introduced as she softly whispers “Dimelo, Dimelo”. Her lyrics soon switch to English and start the catchy nature of the track. Though the song works well, I think that Uchis tries a bit too hard to rhyme. It is as if she places rhyming above lyrical meaning, which I think is a detriment to the track. However, the song as whole grooves and shows off two very talented singers. I’m hoping these two collaborate again in the future. They are truly a perfect pairing. I’m excited to see what Kali Uchis has in store for the rest of her album.

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