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08 - 14 - 2018

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In your own words, who is Kate Kelly?

I am Kate Kelly! A singer-songwriter originally from Mobile, Alabama but currently living in Nashville, Tennessee. I use songwriting as a way of understanding the human experience– my relationships, my successes, and my failures all fuel my art form. My biggest hope is to encourage others to own their story and to feel empowered in their truth.

When did you begin your path as a recording artist?

I’ve been writing and recording music for several years now, but I didn’t choose to pursue music professionally until my senior year of college when I realized that if I didn’t go after this dream, I’d regret it my entire life.

I released an EP in college called “New Heartbeat” which was a collection of songs from my late teens and early twenties. I absolutely adore my EP, however, I feel that my true debut album is the one I am about to release– “The Wonder Of It All”. “The Wonder Of It All” demonstrates the wide array of inspiration I draw from not only in the natural world but also musically.

 Tell us about your new single ‘Honey” what is the inspiration behind it?

“Honey” is a soul/r&b inspired song that I wrote to move people to dance, groove, and feel empowered. I drew from symbols in nature (a common theme in my music) to convey a relatable yet ironic story of love and whim. At the time I wrote “Honey” I really was longing to feel strong and confident, so I wrote a song that made me feel exactly that.

Kate, we deem your style and sound as “authentic”, who are some major influences that inspire your originality?

What a compliment, thank you so much! I am inspired by a wide variety of genres. I like to merge the heartfelt stories and lyrics of folk music with the groove of soul, jazz, and blues.  I think I’ll be forever inspired by solo female artists like Joni Mitchell, Feist, and Norah Jones.

What is the Nashville music scene like?

When people say, “literally everyone in Nashville is a musician”, they aren’t lying!! While some people find this overwhelming, I think it’s really inspiring. I feel that living here gives me ample opportunity for shows and co-writes and that makes me so thankful to live here.

 What can listeners expect from your forthcoming album “The Wonder of It All”?

Ooh great question!! What I hope listeners take from this album is a sense of relief from anything difficult they may be going through and inspiration to delve into the wonder and awe of life!

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