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10 - 25 - 2016

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R&B soul artist Keeyen Martin has revealed his latest piece called “Show Me”! The energy that bursts from this musician is rare and exciting. Keeyen creates a time travel experience with his old school sound and new school edge. Keeyen Martin proudly shares his personal love story through this new release with the help of his piano chords and organ instruments.

“Show Me” is a R&B track with a soul twist in the mix. This funky flow brings back the finger snapping doo wop and the old school groove.


There is nothing dull when it comes to Keeyen Martin and his music! Growing up in North Carolina, Keeyen started perfecting his musical craft every week as a member of his church choir. As his voice grew, so did his passion to write music. Keeyen is not an ordinary musician of today’s music. He will not produce singles that are just like every other song that every other artist puts out today. Keeyen is stepping out of the box to bring back the appreciation of real talent, real music, and real soul in this art.

The determined artist has come a long way so far with great successes. Keeyen has had an unbeleivable experience singing background for industry stars such as Reuben Studdard, Michelle Williams, and Rudy Currence. He has had amazing opportunities of performing at industry venues including VH1 Save The Music, BET, and ASCAP. Keeyen has big talents, as well as a big heart. The singer/songwriter makes time to give voice lessons and music education lessons to help inspiring artists reach their musical dreams. Keeyen Martin is an all around piece of art and represents the future of music.

“Show Me” is a love song that was written by Keeyen when he was in Undergrad and was captured by a beautiful Spellman woman. Under her love spell, Keeyen committed  all of his feelings into this record.

“This song came from an honest space and creating it just flowed. I truly think this song highlights my sound.” -Keeyen Martin

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Changing levels x Breaking Standards x Elevating all