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11 - 09 - 2016

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 KeKe Palmer continues to keep her voice strong and fans excited as she reveals her latest work!

Her five track EP, “Lauren”, presents a perfect mixture of stories and emotions.

The R&B queen takes you on a familiar roller coaster of heartaches and “let downs” to good times and endless love. Music is an art that allows one to express, communicate, and cope. KeKe Palmer has perfected this art with “Lauren.”

“Lauren” is an R&B/Pop EP with a variety of club beats and love beats. KeKe Palmer’s lyricism is straight to the point and sharp to the heart. Her distinct vocals leave a bold impact on you and a sense of relief as you release your own feelings into her music.


The EP starts off with her captivating love track called “Doubtful”. This was a brilliant introductory song for her EP. “Doubtful” immediately draws listeners in by their ears, heart, and soul. KeKe Palmer expresses the battle between staying true to her heart or staying strong with her dignity. The decision to stay with your lover after they’ve done you wrong or to walk away to keep your dignity is one that is painful for everyone. This track sets the pace for the rest of the EP by connecting with listeners on an emotional level.

The following EP song “Got Me F***ed Up” explodes with confidence and strength. This song takes those sorrowed hearts up into the star lights. After “Doubtful”, KeKe Palmer encourages women to put their stilettos down. It’s time to quit allowing others to waste their time or play their mind. “But I don’t got time for your fake nicknames, don’t call me love”, this bar alone delivers the bold concept of “Got Me F***ed Up”. The EP continues with “Jealous”, a track that lets it be known KeKe Palmer is not one to be reckoned with.

“Pressure” is listed as the fourth track. “Pressure” is easily one of the realist R&B songs that has been produced in years. She allows her honest heart to take the lead. Her wordplay is a truth being told as she sings, “Sometimes I need a girlfriend to be the only someone who I’m f**kn. Sometimes I need a real ni**a from a real city with some real D. I know I’m complicated so if you could steal my heart you lucky. I need the type of someone who could handle these facts so I ain’t gotta worry looking over my back.” These bars portray a brave queen who is not afraid to speak her mind and share her personal experiences. 

“Lauren” ends with a celebratory song driven by sex appeal and lust. This song makes your body lose control with its striking percussion instrumentals and carefree vibe!


Starting from the musical theatre stage, KeKe Palmer made a breakthrough as Cinderella on Broadway. The natural star continued to push her work until she landed one of her biggest roles as Akeelah in the movie “Akeelah and The Bee”. Today, she is known all over the globe as a true, loyal, and dedicated entertainer of the arts. KeKe Palmer stands by her music as it is her own heart. Don’t miss out on the visual EP “Lauren” below!

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Changing levels x Breaking Standards x Elevating all