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04 - 01 - 2017

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The fairylike songstress Kida delivers a new track to the world entitled “Girls”. Kida touches on the ups and downs of a relationship, mostly where the feelings aren’t alway mutual.

Kida was exposed to much international music, due in part to her dad’s abundant collection of vinyl growing up. With an Egyptian and Italian background, it’s no surprise that she latched on to different sounds of music also. After moving from New York to Los Angeles as a teen, the vocalist sang alongside with Pharrell and Natasha Bedingfield. Kida knew it was in her heart to sing. Because of this, Kida left her school in London to focus most of her energy on creating music, which is quite soothing. Kida, like the Disney Atlantis character, is strong, beautiful, and fearless.

With influences from the likes of D’Angelo and Aaliyah, it is no wonder how Kida soothingly croons on all of her work. Kida brings us “Girls”, which hosts a great array of tropical percussion, and a sweet touch of the singer’s vocals. “Girls” mostly talks about “girls” going through a breakup, where the heartbreaker has moved on. During and after a breakup, it can be hard for the broken heart to let go, especially seeing the heartbreaker release with ease. In a time where people don’t make effort in showing their emotions during relationships, Kida isn’t afraid to let us know she was once in love with this person. The singer then fades out of the track, dressing her vocals on top of the production.

This is only the beginning for Kida. With rumors of her LP dropping soon, we can see more songs like “Girls” and everything else our mystical crooner has to offer. Be on the lookout for her releases on Soundcloud, and keep up with her on Twitter. Don’t forget to listen to “Girls” above.

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