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09 - 13 - 2018

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Lady Lady, the eponymous track of Masego’s latest album, sounds like something you’d hear in the back of a new age jazz club.

The track starts out with a hot drum beat and from there it builds instrumentally to the passionate and soulful standard of Masego’s vocals. His tone seems as if he’s reaching into himself. There’s a definite catharsis going on here. He’s relinquishing the doubts that can no longer serve his future, and he’s urging ‘lady lady’ to do the same. “Frightened by a dream/ You’re not the only one/ Running like the wind/ Thoughts can come undone”. Dreams can be frightening because no matter how beautiful, you worry when you’ll wake up. Before all the times you awoke from a dream, you never would have thought you could wake up. Masego urges to return to that time, before disappointments and pain.

Masego in only 25 years old, but he seems beyond his years. In his musical production, he’s mastered the ability’s to converge gritty strained vocals with deep jazzy undertones, a style which he himself refers to as “TrapHouseJazz”. His sound, as well as his message, are certainly unique in this album. He refers to the pains of a disingenuous society, singing “Dancing behind masks/ Just sort of pantomime.” Especially with today’s electronic obsession over appearances, a message like this stands out. It’s easy to dance behind masks because no one can see your face. Yet you can’t go home and lay in bed with someone wearing a mask. It’s going to eventually come off, even if it falls by accident; it’s inevitable. So why hide? Lady Lady shows Masego’s deep thought in regard to his music. The lyrics are coming from his life. All the grit and jazz is based in reality.

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