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07 - 26 - 2017

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The British Nigerian singer songwriter Lanre is out on a rise. She’s already making more music after the release of her Human EP. Now, she grants the world with an artsy and inspiring video “Dreams”. “Dreams” features the work of contemporary artist Rebecca Sangster. This video spews woman empowerment, with a touch of soul search, as Lanre’s lyrics explain what it means to dream.

Folk, soul, and vivid storytelling is the best way to describe Lanre. She is very proud of her Yoruba heritage, as it’s featured in “Dreams”. The video starts out with our songstress, in elegant queen-like wear. If her skin wasn’t glowing enough as it is, the sequins on her dress make her radiant like the sun. It looks as though she’s the muse of an artist. As she stands by a piano, poise and majestic, a painter traces what he sees on a canvas. Lanre chances into her final outfit, much like a Nubian Queen. The painter then finishes her portrait, drenched in beautiful and eclectic hues of none other than Lanre. Visually, the video captures the viewers eyes with colors. Nude pink, royal blue, and gold are just a few of the colour featured in this video art. Some of them pop out, and they accent Lanre’s mocha skin.

“What will it take for you to go the extra mile with your heart?” Lánre asks. This question alone might be pivotal in anyone’s life who’s seeking for their calling. “Dreams” is not only about reaching your height of the content, but making it fruitful. You could say that Lanre is living up to her dream. Since releasing her Human EP, Lanre has had the opportunity to write songs for COAT and the 80th Anniversary Celebration of Cable Street. Be on the lookout, as she is also in the works of releasing another album in 2018. Until then, we can hope and dream with this beautiful video featured above. Make sure to give her Human EP a listen on these platforms: Spotify  iTunes

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Crown All Queens

Changing levels x Breaking Standards x Elevating all