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11 - 29 - 2016

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This week has just been a great one for music for me. I came across LaterOn on Instagram last week and was hype to see what sort of gem would end up in my inbox. Now looking at his Instagram, I didn’t know what kind of musician he was so it was like Christmas morning when I went to listen to the track. This Time is his latest unreleased track that he shared with a select group of his fans (I’m special y’all). Anyways, as the track began I started getting so excited and then the vocals started rolling in and I could do nothing but just bob my head to the beat.

I love when I come across hidden gems, and LaterOn is one of them. His vocals are just so effortless and his flows just fit in so perfectly, on this track especially.


New Artist Feels

LaterOn is a Pittsburg artist gaining momentum out here as he is sharing his work. Since releasing his track “Somn To Talk Bout” that released last month on SoundCloud his base of impact has been growing rapidly.

The Breakdown

His track This Time is the perfect mix of dope instrumentals and flows. The instrumental has this like sick drum beat that’s a constant that just accentuates the vocals that roll along the track.

As the track progresses he tells a story about how he has been trying to get himself together but is holding on to the desires of a relationship with a female. He talks about how he has made mistakes in the past but is better now and wants her to see the same. A story that some know all too well.

Keep Watch

LaterOn is continuing to make waves, yesterday he also released his newest single “Proud of Yah” produced by Jacobi x Sledgren. Make sure you check that out and download his debut single “Somn to Talk Bout” on iTunes.

LaterOn is truly one to watch so keep your ears to the ground on this one.

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