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03 - 17 - 2017

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Laura Marling’s new album, Semper Femina, just came out and is available on Spotify, her website, and other sites. The mellow album consists of songs that contain unique beats and instruments, combined with high-pitched vocals.  Songs on the album include Soothing, an eccentric and soft song, The Valley; a jazzy and exotic tune, and Wildfire; an acoustic hit with interesting instrumentals. These are just a few of the original and adored songs on Semper Femina.

Being her sixth album, Semper Femina is just one of many of Marling’s creative projects. When explaining the album, Marling stated that it’s subject is women and that the narrators of the album are women. This unique perspective shows us her in-depth ideas and thoughts about the songs on the album. We can find this theme just by listening to her lyrics that reflect it.

Marling’s other projects have also contributed to her unique style. Semper Femina is her latest album; and took on elements from her older albums; and presented new, bold tunes and lyrics, ultimately signifying her as an artist. Some of her other projects include albums such as A Creature I Don’t Know from 2011, and Short Movie, from 2015. Warrior and False Hope are two popular songs from Short Movie that portray Marling’s style. With intriguing vocals and a combination of soft instruments, these hits represent her unique music.

One can access Laura Marling’s music, including Semper Femina on Spotify, Youtube, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and her website:

Here you can also find descriptions of her music and information on her shows. Here you can also find music videos to her songs. Check out Semper Femina and Laura Marling’s other captivating albums on the listed websites. Her bold and original hits are not only known for their significant lyrics, but their creative sound.

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Changing levels x Breaking Standards x Elevating all