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02 - 21 - 2017

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Leaf’s new track, Lie To Me uses tropical beats and autotuned vocals reminiscent of Drake’s Controlla.

Her track seems the female counterpart to Drake’s, but she promotes self-love rather than self-hate and masochism. Lie to Me preaches a message of mutual respect we can be hard pressed to find in many other songs of the genre. Leaf brings the message and the sound as she uses the perfect drum beat to coincide with her vocal revolutions. She brings in some well-placed drops throughout to create a dynamic track. She swirls in and around her chorus, the titular Lie to Me, allowing her vocals to take the lead from the catchy instrumentals. Leaf’s track has the balance only seen in truly well-produced songs.

Leaf uses her sultry sound and perfectly timed drum beats to create one of those ear-catching rhythms like Controlla. Yet I don’t want to compare Leaf to Drake too much because I believe that her style isn’t just a replication of mainstream trends. She is definitely bringing a new flavor here.

Leaf stands in an understated position of female empowerment

There’s something we haven’t seen before: female empowerment expressed in an understated way. Leaf asks a little more from her listeners. She produces a catchy track with a real message. It’s funny to see artistry work in multiple ways here. The quality of musicianship and production seem to compete with the lyrical message. Maybe that’s why she displays a subtle yet powerful laugh at the start of the track. It’s as if she knows something we don’t, or haven’t learned yet. In that way, the song is a bit cheeky, but that seems to be the style of the sultry and mysterious new artist. I think we’re all excited to see what Leaf has in store for us next.

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