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10 - 17 - 2016

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I just have two words: Levi Johnson. These three gorgeous women, Kobe, Alex, and Dre, have brought back what it is like to have a real girl group, that is so much more than pop beats and cute outfits. They bring their own individual style to the group that is reminiscent of TLC. From the lyricism to the vocals to the dance moves. These three have it all.

Levi Johnson has made me a believer again.


The group, from Atlanta, was brought together by choreographer Jamaica Craft. Craft knew and worked with Kobe prior to bringing the trio together. All three girls were very heavy in the arts before coming together and making great music together. Kobe has been performing since her first group Vitoso Bosses when she was just a teenager. Dre has been singing since as long as she can remember. She made her debut on YouTube, which is how Craft found her. Alex got her start acting and modeling for commercials. Once she hit high school, she picked up writing songs and got so good that she began making a name for herself.

These three dynamic females come together to make Levi Johnson as we know it. The ladies strive to be innovative, fearless and yet relatable and they definitely do that with this track!


The visuals for their latest single Waiting got released last week. The video depicts the type of party that you could probably find me at. Great people, great music with lots of dancing and FOOD. Everyone looks like they are having such a good time.


The Breakdown

The girls dance through the room (in sync of course) as they talk about how they are “waiting” for whoever is supposed to be stopping by to see them. “Tick tock check my wrist watch” because nobody has time to be waiting all night for what they need.

Then Kobe comes through with the lyricism that I wasn’t ready for. The bombshell lets you know, “if you ain’t wit it then [she] ain’t wit it” because she does not have time for the games.

These three have it goin’ on and I honestly cannot wait to see what their next project is. I can’t get enough of this crazy dynamic trio.

Make sure you check out Levi Johnson and their latest visuals for their single Waiting.

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Crown All Queens

Changing levels x Breaking Standards x Elevating all