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04 - 18 - 2017

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Berlin-based singer LIA LIA puts a new spin on her new single “OLYMP”. The track features electric pop that’ll send you on a wave of relaxation. She provides a raw narrative on heartbreak and depression while matching it with her vocals.

For those wondering how the artist got her name, LIA LIA stands for “Live Impact Area Legacy Interface Adapter”. These are some of the human and electrical elements the two consist, which is also thriving in the pop artists music. At an early age, LIA LIA got involved with music as a mechanism to relieve pain. In doing so, she targets an audience that finds her music as a safe space and understanding of emotions.

For her first single, ‘OLYMP’ sets the bar right. The song also comes with a video, where LIA LIA and friends are out on the night, partaking in shenanigans that most 19-year-olds experience. The color scheme in the video draws attention to the eye, with hues of green, yellow, and red. The electrical acoustics are one of a kind, paired with the artists’ one-of-a-kind delivery on pop. Undoubtedly, the international sensation is just getting started, and she’s already making a name for herself.

LIA LIA is a hard-working musician. She also spends a lot of her time traveling, from places like Buenos Aires, Shanghai, and Santiago de Chile. If you liked “OLYMP”, just wait until you experience the rest of her album.

Be on the lookout for more from LIA LIA on Facebook and Soundcloud. You can listen to “OLYMP” below.

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Crown All Queens

Changing levels x Breaking Standards x Elevating all