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06 - 17 - 2016

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Lion Babe, the duo of vocalist Jillian Hervey and producer Lucas Goodman released a new song titled “Endless Summer” on Tuesday.

The song begins with a heavy bass beat that gradually grows louder as the sounds of seagulls and a typical beach environment open over it. As the seagulls fade out, the bass is joined by scattered clapping.

Singer Jillian Hervey’s light and airy voice flows easily over the bass beat, taking your attention from the music to her beautiful, lilting soprano voice. Though your attention is mainly on her voice and the lyrics, the beauty of the beat is still prominent.

In the last minute of the song the beat changes, ushering in a more prominent percussion and some electro beats. Hervey’s voice continues, fading in and out over the new percussion before returning to the song’s original beat.

Lyrically, the song embodies the carefree and exciting nature of its title. The chorus portrays an aura of taking on an untroubled nature as one engages in or takes on something they were previously afraid to do. It also describes casting aside this fear (similar to casting aside responsibilities at the beginning of summer) to be confident in your decision.

The “Endless Summer” implied in the title is the personification of this confidence and the knowledge that your decisions align with what you want for yourself.

Overall, the song is a radiant ode the mellow vibes that accompany the season of summer. Underneath this easygoing aura, however, is a passionate message of self-confidence and a feeling of contentment in your decision. Lion Babe makes expert use of Hervey’s voice and Goodman’s beats and producing to bring together their relaxed “Endless Summer.”

Released just four months after their debut album “Begin,” “Endless Summer” is the first single off Lion Babe’s upcoming follow-up mixtape titled “Sun Joint,” set to be released on Tuesday June 21st.


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