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10 - 25 - 2016

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“At Night” a major hit!

Liz Elias is someone you may have recognized from Nickelodeon.  The superstar has gone from acting to singing and recently released a new hit with Flo Rida. This is Liz’ first release as an artist signed under 305 Music.

Liz was born in Miami, Florida and started to act and dance at the early age of 5.

In 2014, she booked a role on the awarding winning show called, Every Witch Way, as a character named Mia. Now Liz is making waves with new hit, “At Night” featuring Flo Rida.

First, I would like to say that I was intrigued once I saw the beautiful cover art of Liz, the song title, and special guest Flo Rida.  I could not wait to click play and see what the artist was all about. I have to admit the song hooked me the moment I heard the bass. It immediately took me to a real dance atmosphere and the hook brought a nostalgic feel.

“Boy do you know that I got you on my mind”, If they don’t now they do.

The beat catches your attention and gets you in a dance groove as soon as you hear it. Her voice is sultry and vocals on point.

The chorus is all so familiar as it is a sample from the 90’s R&B group Ghost Town DJ’s “My Boo”, but with a modern twist.

This release is going places, with the fun and upbeat tempo. It has potential to hit the airwaves. Liz Elias spiced up ‘the already hot from the kitchen’ release with Flo Rida.

This former Nickelodeon start is really shining bright with this song.

All I can say Liz, is keep doing your thing and I can not wait to hear what else is up next for you.


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