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11 - 15 - 2016

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On November 1st, Indie pop artist Lone Wolfe debuted his single “Strangers.”


Exploring the pain of love, “Strangers” released onto the Google Play and Apple Music platform, and was also featured by The Artist Union on SoundCloud, garnering over 17,600 plays.

One of most promising underground artists coming out of the DMV, Lone Wolfe hails from Hyattsville, Maryland..

“Through my music, I try to provoke happiness and positive vibes that help those in pain escape to a better place in their lives.”

“Strangers” exemplifies Lone Wolfe’s artistry—exploring intimate bonds, romantic challenges, and personal reflection. In the single, two people who had an ongoing relationship and helped each other grow, find themselves apart. He feels neglected by someone he had a deep connection with. She acts like she never knew him. In the end, he realizes he must let her go.

“Why’d I have to get caught up, in your love? I had to escape her ‘cuz there’s no way to change her. Why’d I have to get caught up? Now I am stuck. I knew you were dangerous. Now we’re acting like strangers.”



“Strangers” was written by Lone Wolfe and co-written and produced by Los Angeles-based Isaac Valens.

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Changing levels x Breaking Standards x Elevating all