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02 - 20 - 2017

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This Valentines Day, ATL’s very own One $ophia released her debut album “Love $o: The New Classic.” This project has been much anticipated, especially after the artist released her single “Nas” a few weeks back.

The Not So Sweet Love Story

Sophia truly tells a story through each and every track. In our interview with the fiery songstress, she talks us through the process she went through when creating this project.

The young artist means business and it shows through throughout the entire project. As she takes you through a crazy love story, you realize how perfect her release on the day of love was.

With her sultry style, the artist brings her own flare to alternative RnB through tracks like “Doin’ it right.”

“20 East,” which the artist tells is her favorite in our sit down with her, brings this sultry feel to a sophisticated beat that plays behind her smooth vocals. But as sultry as it is, if you don’t pay attention, you might miss the story she is telling through her lyrics. A story of a feisty young girl who just likes the attention of a man but reminds him that she doesn’t need him to be great.
“BYOB” brings the project to a close with a bang. It tells a fiery tale of “if you want me, you better come correct” ending what had the potential to be a sappy cliché of a love story.
The not so sweet, Love $o lets us know that there is more that meets the eye through this whole piece of work. I don’t think anything will prepare us for what Sophia is about to do, she’s just getting started.

Hear it For Yourself

You can check out Love, So: The New Classic on SoundCloud now. One $ophia talks us through her inspiration and process for this debut piece in our interview with her:


Take it from me, $o is an artist to keep an eye out for.

Follow Sophia on Instagram and SoundCloud @OneSophia to stay up to date.

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Changing levels x Breaking Standards x Elevating all