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03 - 17 - 2017

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UK-based artist Mabel’s new track, Finders Keepers is sultry yet irresistibly catchy. It has beautifully constructed electronic elements, while maintaining a soulful R&B vibe.

It’s the perfect song to bump while driving. With the warmer weather coming, roll those windows down, bump it loud, and jam out. Mabel has a voice akin to the likes of Tinashe, with a more low-key range. Her voice is smoothly passionate, and she belts out the chorus with all the force of female empowerment. Mabel’s musical talent comes as no surprise. Her parents, Neneh Cherry and Cameron McVey, are a musical power couple. She certainly has a lot to live up to, but after hearing Finders Keepers, I think we can all agree she’s well on her way.

The track is complex, as it incorporates multiple musical styles. Finders Keepers starts out with a nice piano progression, and as a piano player myself, I was immediately intrigued. The initial progression is seamlessly overlaid with London-based rapper, Kojo Funds, slightly autotuned voice. Kojo’s style comes as a welcome surprise. He brings an almost reggae vibe, reminiscent of earlier rappers of the style like Sean Paul. The song soon becomes a lyrical dance between the two, as Mabel joins with Kojo. They converge perfectly, as they hit the end of each line in harmony. However, the two voices soon diverge and Mabel is able to really stand out. Along with Mabel’s key line, “It don’t need to be no deeper, it’s finders keepers” is a subtle clapping beat that adds a upbeat rhythmic vibe. The song fades in an out along the beat to create a truly dynamic progression.

Mabel and Kojo have created a track that melds past and present styles, and shows other artists exactly how its done. The music game is changing as tracks become more dynamic and creative, and Mabel and Kojo show us exactly how its done.

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Changing levels x Breaking Standards x Elevating all