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03 - 22 - 2017

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The perfect song to motivate you for your day ahead and your journey home. Maggie McClure’s pop vocals tell an uplifting story, of returning where your heart is, which is home. The Oklahoma-bred, but residing in Los Angeles, the songstress has had much of her work recognized. McClure has performed more than 1000 shows across 40+ states. And has opened up for many artists and bands such as Tony Lucca, Sara Bareilles, Walk Off the Earth, Alicia Witt, and many others. Her time away from home has been well spent, but she decides to take her journey home.

Maggie explains that she wrote the song in less than half an hour while visiting her home in Oklahoma. ‘Coming Home’ features uplifting and catchy vocals, to melodic guitar rhythms, and an upbeat chorus.

As the melody of the guitar seems to close, Maggie’s infectious vocals take over the tune.

She continues throughout the song repeating the uplifting action ‘Coming Home’, it then progresses into another verse, where she informs listeners that her home is all she’ll ever need.

“This place’s face is all I’ll ever need”

Maggie’s uplifting tune is also featured in a film ‘A Cowgirl’s Story’ where its heard in the trailer and end credits for the film. ‘Coming Home’ will also be featured on the soundtrack for the film, which releases April 18th. You can also hear Maggie singing on the Freeform channel, as well as Disney’s “Violetta”. ‘Coming Home’ has given Maggie immense recognition and will continue to uplift her listeners and tells that home is where the heart is and going home is where you find it.

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