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03 - 21 - 2016

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Is this your first time performing in Philadelphia?

This is my first time as Marc E. Bassy performing in Philadelphia, so yeah.

You performed with the 2AM Club before?

I performed with the 2AM club many times, I love Philadelphia. One of the best live music cities in the world.

How did it feel performing solo out here?

It feels liberating. It feels like it’s meant to be and I feel really connected to the music I make and the songs I sing, so anytime I get the chance to do it, in such a beautiful setting, it’s wonderful.

Can you tell us a bit about your new EPEast Hollywood?

East Hollywood is a free EP for the people. It’s on soundcloud, it’s actually on Spotify and everywhere else. It’s really like my real story. I don’t tell fake stories, I don’t talk about any bullshit. All my music is directly related and directly correlates to my life and how I lead it, my fuck-ups, and ups and downs. If you have East Hollywood and you listen to that you have a little piece of me and you’re listening to me.

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How do you like touring and working with Skizzy Mars? How’d that come about?

Skizzy and me are fans of each others music and we fuck with each other. We’re bros. and Skizzy is a young Genius out here and everything he does, he does with precision and tact and he’s just really fucking smart and in a certain way, I was almost inspired by his level of professionalism and his attention to detail. That boy’s a monster and he’s gonna get bigger and bigger and I’m hella glad we got a smash together. “Do You There”, it’s about to go to radio. That song’s about to do some things so I’m happy that we linked up and look out for a lot more of our shit together coming in the future.

When did you and Count Bassy start working together?

I grew up with Count Bassy. Starting my sophomore year in high school, we went to school together. He always made beats, but he was that kind of guy that never knew that music was something you could do professionally and something you could really do for a living. I had to pull him away from his real adult life, and tell him he had to come make music with me full-time. Ever since I did that, we’ve been rocking. He’s my favorite producer honestly, on Earth. Like, County Bassy is second to none to me. So I’m just glad that I can be the voice that can put him on a platform to really be heard and seen ‘cause he’s fucking crazy and people have no idea but they will soon.

What was the creative process for “East Hollywood”, I know some fans where expecting “Shelter” EP and “Only The Poets Vol. 2″?

It was supposed to be the “Shelter” EP the whole time but then I round myself in East Hollywood and I couldn’t deny that so I had to call it that. It was the same music but as I was going through the process, “Shelter” just became less relevant and East Hollywood just became more and more relevant at that time. So I called it the “East Hollywood” EP.

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What’s Platter Mob?

Platter Mob is an up-scale organization that takes a really long time to have your credentials up and be apart of but only includes four members. The main rule of Platter Mob is you have to get together and platter like Kings and Queens. To Platter is a verb that means to eat well with loved ones. That’s what platter mob is all about and that’s what plattering is. Shout out my platter mob;  Robert Stuart aka Fess,Nicholas Balding aka Nic Nac – super producer, roommate of mine, and Young Bob aka Bobby Brackins, that’s my brother and that’s platter mob.


What’s the next thing we can expect from Marc E. Bassy?

Marc E. Bassy (that’s me) is putting out a new EP in a month or 2. I got new songs. I got a joint coming with Ty Dolla $ign that’s fucking crazy. I’ll be touring and playing shows everywhere so just come check us out and be apart of the movement and we’re gonna make some pop music that’s gonna hit your radio station too.

Check out Marc E. Bassy’s latest release: EAST HOLLYWOOD EP

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Changing levels x Breaking Standards x Elevating all