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09 - 12 - 2016

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New York native, Marga Lane, an up-and-coming singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist recently released her latest project an EP entitled Undressed. The EP features her new single “Thinking About You.” The young artist attended Breklee College of Music in Boston Massachusetts. Shortly after, Lane moved to Los Angeles to further pursue her professional career as a recording artist and songwriter. Since then, Lane has had the opportunity to tour the US performing during fashion week(s) and singing the national anthem at over 10 NBA and MLB games. She has also had the opportunity to be able to feel the love from some over her colleague’s in the business.

Marga Lane is most known for her stories of love portrayed in her music. Stories of loving oneself, and loving others. She says that she “[writes] a lot of love songs and love is synonymous with belief.” She hopes to be able to “[inspire] people to have a belief in the power of love” through her music.


Her EP Undressed is so simple yet packs a great punch as she pushes her way through an industry overcome by overly produced music. Lane partnered with fellow Berklee graduate Matt Bobb on this project, which showcases raw acoustic guitar tracks layered with soulful vocals and distinctive melodies. The project opens with her single “Thinking About You” that features an upbeat jazz piece and Motown-inspired vocals. The song is a celebration of the love in a new relationship, and all the joy and excitement that accompanies what is thought to be the truest form of love that there is. The vocals on this track have to be the best part of it as a whole. The harmonies are so perfectly layered giving the song the subtlest yet powerful dynamic. The song definitely has a 90’s RnB feel to it which pairs perfectly with Lane’s sultry vocals. The track joins the medley of different songs that speak to love found and love lost and everything in between.

Help support Marga on her musical journey and check out her new single “Thinking About You!”

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Changing levels x Breaking Standards x Elevating all