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11 - 14 - 2016

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This young artist from South London, Mariam,  has released her first EP Heart to Heart. This is not our first time working with the artist.  We first had the opportunity to talk about her debut single ‘Be There for Me’ before the release of her EP

The artist has a very distinct sound that you can’t help but love.

The Breakdown

Throughout the project, there are different interludes which help build on the vibes created by the songs on the project.
Opening with ‘Be There for Me’, she sets this pop sort of feel for the rest of the project, or so you think.

Following the first track, is the first interlude ‘What I Want’. It is such an ethereal track, with a combination of soft vocals and light organs. The interlude slows down the pace for the project.

‘Grow’ has to be my favorite part of the project. Though it is only an interlude, she shows listeners her diversity when she begins to play her acoustic guitar (that she taught herself how to play).

The line “grow with me” could carry so much weight depending on the type of relationship that is being referenced. The interlude is so simple, just a few cords and a few lines but it’s so effortless which makes it so much better.

Everything ends with the track ‘Running’. A soft and slow ballad-like track. It is heavy on the acoustic guitar and sultry vocals, making it the perfect send off.


The project is such an easy listen, so ethereal and soft with a bit of pop thrown in there.

Take a listen and download Heart to Heart by Ma R I Am on iTunes now.

Connect with Mariam

Get connected with her on Instagram and Twitter.

Also take a look at the visuals of Mariam singing her debut single ‘Be There for Me’:

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