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02 - 08 - 2019

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JXXIII’s latest EP, Melanin Goddess Vibes, sounds like the old school 90s rap albums. It focuses on lyricism with nice beats that make it feel like she’s free styling the whole thing.

It’s like they put the beat down and she was ready to go. Her lyrics are well thought out and come with a message of hope and motivation, and they flow effortlessly. It’s no surprise she grew up listening to Nas and Lauryn Hill; you can hear their influences here, but the songs are all her own. 

She speaks about being a black woman (goddess) in the South. In “Serena Williams” JXXIII celebrates a shining example of black excellence, but also comments on the issues they have to face. She says: “Racism hatred coming from all these Christians, we in the bible belt all they talk is religion, but goddamn they don’t show it. You a true queen I just hope that you know it.” Throughout the album she brings a positive message to young black women, and it’s a smart one. In “Shoot Your Shot” it starts with a voice message that sounds like it’s from her friend, reminding her of what she has to do to make it.” You hear a similar sentiment in “Go”. She speaks of how pressures to be successful can lead to a desire for escapism. She says: “I wanna go, go, somewhere so free feel like I’m just me”. 

JXXIII was born to Nigerian immigrants in 1993 in Atlanta, Georgia, and was raised there. This comes as no surprise after listening to her album. She speaks about being a black woman in the south, while maintaining a global perspective. She describes her style as backpack boom-bap mixed with melodic neo-soul. JXXIII says that her mission is to touch listeners globally with her message of motivation, love and hope. 

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Changing levels x Breaking Standards x Elevating all