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07 - 01 - 2016

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After what seemed like a month in the form of an eternity, Mick Jenkins teams back up w/ theMind to present a new track called “SunKissed”. Now earlier in the year, we got a taste of what these creatives are musically capable of when they came together to drop the two song EP “SIP!”. With the water themed assassin proving that he not only has not lost his groove, but in fact he is gaining even more momentum. You also hear theMind compliment the broad lyrics of Mick’s with his vocal like soothe that ricochets off THEMpeople’s production so elegantly. With the release of “SunKissed” seemingly being sponsored by 1800Tequila, this is no different from the two.

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Always knowing how to bring the substance in unorthodox ways, Jenkins glides all through the Da-P production. Exclaiming the love for his style, his melanin, and power, Mick Jenkins is fully confident and ready to take the forefront for his people. With theMind giving his vocal efforts for needed accommodation, he never fails to disappoint. He can be heard shadowing the lyrics of Mick Jenkins throughout the hook portion of the song. “You love my style, you love my skin, that melanin, that melanin, that melanin, that melanin” rings out like an infamous chant that can be screamed throughout the land of inspiration. Jenkins shows why he never has to be hesitant when trying to get his message across to the masses. His presentation is unfathomable, knowing which points to get across in aspects that are commonly unmatched. With additional songs like “The Artful Dodger” and “On The Map” dropping on Mick Jenkins Soundcloud earlier in the year, he is constructing the sounded recipe for The Healing Component. Give the song a listen and begin to understand why his raps is as pure as the water he ambitiously drinks.

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Changing levels x Breaking Standards x Elevating all