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08 - 24 - 2018

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It can be hard to look at life’s ups and downs in a positive light. Especially in the current age, when things can seem so hopeless. We must remember that there is always good in the world.

In milk n honey,  Laye uses bouncy production and uplifting vocals to create a track that radiates positivity. Milk and honey have consistently been a representation of prosperity, and that’s what Laye showcases. Her smooth and groovy voice echoes the chorus “i ain’t gonna trip, not me / i’ll be keeping it sunny, finding your jokes funny / it’s all milk n honey. Honestly hearing this song I was uplifted after just one listen. It’s like Laye is giving you a pair of yellow-framed sunglasses, and suddenly the whole world has this brighter, lighter tinge. However, the track doesn’t ignore the fact life’s difficulties exist, as she sings in the start, “You can be mean, you can be cruel, some of the time” yet with the caveat “but I’ll be fine love”…”because I love you and you love me”.

Laye is an international artist, traveling and working in Los Angeles, Toronto, and New York. This comes as no surprise. As you can tell from the track she has a big picture view of the world. Milk n honey shows that there’s no reason to let the little faults destroy a beautiful whole. Laye put the sentiment best herself, “I am really happy to be putting this song out. Despite all the things going on in one’s life – the good, the bad – whether it be relationships or life in general, you try to keep a positive outlook on things. I ain’t gunna trip, not me- I’ll be keeping it sunny, finding your jokes funny- It’s all milk n honey.” 

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Changing levels x Breaking Standards x Elevating all