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08 - 09 - 2016

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Sweet Simple Things by Minden is a smooth, relaxing album. It’s easy to listen to. Maybe a little too easy, in fact.

The opening number, “Real Sugar,” is a calming synth mixed with the gentle strumming of a guitar. Combine that with mellow, almost one note vocals and this easy going, lulling track becomes background music to whatever else is going on.

It’s not a bad song, and the band has talent. It’s just really missing that hook somewhere towards the end to liven things up.

For the opening number of an album, meant to reel listeners in, “Real Sugar” is a little too relaxed.

Unfortunately, the album never really picks up the pace. It’s all too mellow.

The songs, while differing in sound from one another, sound flat in and of themselves. There’s very little variation in pitch or tone throughout each track.

Considering there are two vocalists in the band (Casey Burge and Lia Gist), there’s plenty of possibilities for the group to shake things up. Their voices are strong, and they each show a broad range across the album as a whole. I just wish they’d provide a little more variety within the individual songs.

Because as it is, each song starts off great. They get my attention – at first. But then when things remain so ‘one note’, they lose it.

Minden is a talented group; that has to be said. But it’s like they’re just barely hinting at something. They’re on the verge of being great, but for whatever reason, they don’t push the boundaries and take it that last step.

Many of the songs on this record, including “Love is Bad” and “Artist Statement” feature 80s style synths, but lack that 80s flare.

Minden has something. They really do. But right now it feels like they’re being cautious. They have my attention – for now.

I’ll be keeping an eye out for future projects in the hopes that they change things up enough to keep my attention in the long run.


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Changing levels x Breaking Standards x Elevating all