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06 - 28 - 2017

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When the vocals of Anna Toy and acoustics of Andy Toy collide, we get the indie pop band Moxi. This Los Angles product presents the single off their dreamy upcoming EP Figures Bathed In Lights. The band effortlessly gives off electric pop and dreamy vibes throughout all their music.

The EP has the pleasure with production from Emmy Award-winning songwriter Bobby Harris, and Bryan Cook. The entire project is the result of a weekend hiatus in the woods. There, the forces met up to make something euphoric. Though the process had its challenging moments, the team is more than pleased with the results. Echoing lyrics of spiritual reflection, and facing life’s tribulations, the EP grants the ability to spark a positive light to those who listen.

To one’s surprise, the track is largely inspired by a near-fatal car accident the couple experienced. Walking away with many thanks, the couple shows their gratitude with life through this track in particular. While listening, you’ll notice that Moxi has a broad fascination with the supernatural. The dreamy yet electric undertones this track has been precise. The sound mastermind Andy Toy says “We bring all of these elements together in a way that is hopefully relatable and memorable because ultimately, we want people to feel understood through our music.”

With barely peaking toward the release of their first EP, the band’s music has already been featured in shows like Keeping Up With The Kardashians and The Young and the Restless. They’re also at over a million listens on Spotify, but the number is only going to go up after the release of Figures Bathed In Lights. Be sure to catch the EP on August 18. Until then, get lost to this track and listen below. Also, keep up with more from the group with their website, Twitter, and Facebook.

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Changing levels x Breaking Standards x Elevating all