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09 - 21 - 2016

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The ever so mysterious, H.E.R just released an EP, “HER Volume 1” for us on SoundCloud this past week.

The artist is signed to RCA Records and I have never had the pleasure of hearing any of her music. I am SO happy that I stumbled across her during a mass music binge session.

This week is clearly just a week for me to just get my life all the way together. H.E.R, she just gave me so much life through every inch of this project. Every song on the EP had such a huge impact on the collection as a whole.

The Breakdown

Playing with tracks that we have all heard before, the mystery woman seriously brings her own spin to tracks that we know and love. Tracks like “Wait For It to the beat of Say Yes by Floetry, the artist continues the sensual feel that you get from the duo’s original piece. But she plays coy with “imma need you to wait for it” after stalling for hours, then reverses with “now I want it.” I love this game she is playing in this picture that she is painting for us listeners. There is just such a different, fresh feeling that you get from her track that makes you want to listen more.

The artist switches it up a little with “U”. Talking about what seems to be a love interest and the way that she wants that person despite the things that have been going on between them. “It could be you” repeated with a perfectly blended harmony that just sets off the whole chorus of the song. This song definitely showcases more of her vocal capability with perfectly layered vocals in different keys that just send your heart fluttering away with the words as they play.

The Main Event

I am going to take a guess and say that the intended single for this project is “Focus.” Because this girl SHOWS OUT on this track. So many vibes, so many vocals, just so much happening, so much life being given from this track. It is hands down probably my favorite track on the project, one I will be singing for the next few weeks. Opening with what sounds like harps? It just sets the tone for the whole song. She carries the notes so gracefully, so effortlessly, throughout the entire track. “Baby can you focus on me” is the perfect explanation for the story that she is trying to tell. A story of a battle with a love interest for their attention to either her or their relationship told in the softest way possible.

The Mystery

I don’t know who H.E.R is, where she came from or what she is going to do next. All I know is that I hope that she doesn’t go anywhere anytime soon. The artist needs to continue to serve me vibes for the next 10+ years. RCA is doing a good job keeping this gem a secret.

Don’t make us wait too long, I beg you.

The anticipation for what is next from this artist is so real in this moment. Check out her EP “HER Volume 1” on SoundCloud NOW!

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