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09 - 27 - 2016

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Take a trip to Nafets “Paradise” in his new single featuring EMEKA! What does paradise mean to you? This LA-based rapper and producer will take you by surprise as paradise might not be what you have in mind.

“Paradise” is a hip hop track blended with soul and RnB. Nafets’ chill flow and rhythmic bars are beautifully complimented by EMEKA’s raw vocals.


Los Angeles is a stunning city full of dreams, talent, and fame. It is the city that people strive to get to. The beautiful beaches, expensive shops, Maserati cars, and the unbelievable restaurants make Los Angeles paradise. However, did anyone ever stop to question what is behind all of the fame and shine?

Despite how amazing LA is, Nafets explores the flaws and pitfalls of this paradise. Los Angeles does have a bit of ugliness in it just like every other city. EMEKA sings, “I’m trying to find a way, just an East Coast boy lost in California. I’m paralyzed in paradise”. These lyrics speak loudly as they are sung in the beginning of the track. This is the point where listeners quickly connect to Nafets’ “Paradise”. The message of reality is brilliantly conveyed in these lyrics. The mood is set and it allows fans to let their minds wonder in “Paradise”.

Many people have felt lost at times, whether it is in Los Angeles or a different city, and it’s a feeling that all can relate to. In this new single, Nafets expresses the harsh feeling of seeing the flawed reality of your paradise. The truth can be hard and even confusing during these times. However, Nafets lets it be known that you are not alone through this comforting masterpiece. “Paradise” will let you embrace these realities with Nafets and cope through the music.

Nafets’ music is best described as vignettes of personal experiences. Hopefully, we will be hearing more of Nafets’ story in his forthcoming releases!

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Changing levels x Breaking Standards x Elevating all