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04 - 18 - 2017

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Today, Kenyan singer-songwriter Naomi Wachira, debuts single “Beautifully Human.”

In Beautifully Human, Wachira highlights issues of human equality that undermines those who are different.  

The Seattle-based artist describes her sophomore album “Songs of Lament”: ‘born out the many tragic losses we’ve witnessed globally’.

Song of Lament

Song of Lament was recorded with producer Eric Lilavois at the historic London Bridge Studio in Seattle, Washington.

The project is a testament to Wachira fully embracing her creative power and ability spread goodness to the world. Wachira hopes the album will be a beacon of hope and a reminder of both our darkness and light.

The album delves into issues of violence funneled through political ideologies. Filled with real life events with thoughtfulness and compassion.

 “I am an African girl, well I know where I’m coming from, and I know who I want to be…”  is the soul anthem that jumpstarted  Naomi Wachira onto a new path. The words from the track, African Girl, on her first EP release (2012) paved the way for this Kenyan-born, Seattle-based artist, who is determined make a contribution in the world by offering music that is poignant, hopeful and life-giving.   Five years later, with a critically acclaimed self-titled album (2014), an acoustic EP “ I am Because You Are (2015), comes her sophomore album Song of Lament, which she says, ‘was born out the many tragic losses we’ve witnessed globally – ranging from cases of police brutality to the refugee crisis – that made me grieve about who we’ve become, but also burned a desire in me to create art that would serve society at large and hopefully lessen the chaos around us.’

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