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06 - 05 - 2016

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Fresh off the success of his highly anticipated new album “Views,” which was released at the beginning of May, and fellow rapper Gucci Mane’s release from jail, Drake dropped one new song and featured on the other, both premiering on Saturday.

The first of the new tracks is a solo track titled “4PM in Calabasas.” With a bass beat reminiscent of 1990s rap, “4PM in Calabasas” sounds like it would fit right in with the other 20 songs that make up “Views.” “4PM in Calabasas” feels and sounds like a freestyle, with its stream of consciousness-style exploration of the success he’s garnered since his debut and his worries surrounding it, especially since the recent release of “Views.”

Drake melds his signature rapping style with his soulful singing, while also giving shout-outs to some of favorite artists and influences, including his own take on the famous hook from Grandmaster Flash’s mega-hit “The Message.” “4PM in Calabasas” is Drake at his best, and is similar to some of the best tracks on “Views” and throughout his entire discography.

Recently released from jail, fellow rapper Gucci Mane dropped “Back on Road” featuring Drake on Saturday as well. From the opening lyrics, it’s obvious – and no surprise – the track is about Gucci’s 3 years spent behind bars. It also sounds as though Gucci has a lot issues to discuss and resolve with his former associates and the like who abandoned him while the rapper was in jail. However, the tune, –featuring an angry sounding Drake during the chorus – as Gucci raps about how his time spent in jail allowed him to think, write and “work on my demons.”

Overall, Drake and Gucci prove to be a refreshing combination with a track that’s sure to be the predecessor to any new music from Gucci Mane. You can listen to both tracks below.

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Changing levels x Breaking Standards x Elevating all