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08 - 02 - 2016

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After a wait worthwhile, Chicago artist Noname Gypsy who recently changed her stage name to simply ‘NONAME” for political reasons, stuns us all with the anticipated release of her debut mixtape “Telefone”. Word has been surfacing around since 2013 on what the artist has been making. Now we finally know what’s been brewing in the pot.

Noname Gypsy should sound familiar by now. Since being featured on Chance The Rapper’s track “Lost” on his Acid Rap mixtape, Noname has been making some way in the hip hop world. More so with underground hip hop and poetry. She is known for her singing/rapping delivery of lyrics, along with her soul inspired lyrics.

 The Chicago soul has appeared on other works of Chance The Rapper and Mick Jenkins, however, there was word that she would be coming out with a project sometime soon. Sunday night, fans relieved themselves as the long promised “Telefone” dropped and was able to bless eardrums.


“Telefone” is a well crafted piece of work. The artwork cover of the mixtape was done by Nikko Washington, which is amazing. It’s theme screams self-identity with oneself and with society. Not to mention, the funky soul undertones embedded. Noname intertwined her neo-soul and laid back lyricism in every verse, making it a classic. The production alone is enough to send anyone listening into a feel-good mood.

Though Chance The Rapper wasn’t featured on this project, it still has a well list of dope artists. Raury, theMIND, Saba and many more delivered dope lyrical content.

We love to see Noname Gypsey on features, but we love it even more when we see her on her own projects. We can only hope that after this release, Gypsy will come back with more and more projects like this. You can’t even believe that she isn’t signed to a single record company just yet.

“Telefone” definitely has us at the edge of our sets. To keep up with the latest from the Chicago emcee, check out her website, Soundcloud, and follow her on Twitter and Instagram. Experience more than hype, but a sensation of word-play and groove when you listen to “Telefone”. Check it out below!

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Changing levels x Breaking Standards x Elevating all