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02 - 23 - 2017

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The long-awaited tape “Nothing To Do With Ninjas 4” will be available for streaming and download on Wednesday, March 1st. CAQ received an exclusive excerpt from Winners Circle on the forthcoming release:

“NTDWN3” was previously released Fall of 2012 from the respected southern duo.

Due to both C.Venus and VonteofN3W3RA’s growing solo careers, the two will be capping off their successful collaborative efforts with this final mixtape.

The tape was completed for over 3 years yet due to the focus on individual projects, it was momentarily placed on the back-burner.

 March 1st, 20 new songs will be available to the public.

This project is primarily for the fans. Fans who supported since the “Rack City” freestyle. For the fans who went back and listened to NTDWN1, with the bad studio quality.

Those fans who resonated with the lyrics and constantly hit us up with words of encouragement and faith. For those who played these projects in your cars on long road trips and downloaded them to your phones, and allowed the music to grow with and become a part of you. For those who started listening in 9th grade and are now in college, who were deeply inspired by the NTDWN series and still waiting on our next drop.

This is also for those who appreciate a healthy mixture of both ridiculous hearts thumping 808 soundscapes and intricate flow patterns, clever wordplay, and gripping lyricism.

We are changing the paradigm of rap in the south. This tape is a roller coaster of the sonic experience. It features songs with thousands of views on Soundcloud and youtube already –such as God of The Zillas and the Hook Of Enoch–, and an explosion of energetic and high-frequency songs, which include not only thousands of bars but also esoteric concepts and new realms not yet explored by the two. With this last one, the discography is complete.

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Changing levels x Breaking Standards x Elevating all