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04 - 01 - 2017

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CAQ presents a new South London neo-soul duo. Ohke’s band members include two 18-year-old instrumentalists, Glen Leach and Leila Mcneelance.

The two-man band just released their debut 3-track EP Stay. Known for their jazz-inspired hits, Ohke gets inspiration from other artists, such as the popular musician Prince, the famous D’Angelo, and other admirable idols; like Tom Misch, and Jordan Rakei.

The EP Stay consists of hits such as Stay, a soulful and mellow song with catchy beats, We Never Had, another jazzy classic, and Show Me, an eccentric, favored song. The simple production of the project combined with it’s jazzy and mellow elements has intrigued many of the band’s fans, making them eager to discover their next project. The EP has gained much attention and has brought recognition to the band’s elegant style. The band presents a combination of classic jazz and soul, and experimental, more modern genres to create their masterpiece EP, Stay…so stay tuned for their next upcoming hits and albums, which are predicted to have the same adoration.

Take a listen to Stay EP on OHKE’s SoundCloud.

On OHKE’s Twitter & Facebook page you can access band news, photographs and dates of upcoming shows. You can also directly access their songs through these sites.

Ohke is a duo band that is beginning to blossom, starting with the release of their debut album that seems to catch the attention of many due to its mellow and original hits, and its overall unique presentation. With a combination of eccentric instruments, melodic vocals, and inventive lyrics, Ohke has represented an admirable 3-track. If you’re interested in two-man bands, soul music, jazz music, or experimental bands, be sure to check out Ohke. Keep up to date on Stay and other Eps that the duo plan to release by checking out their Social Media pages.

OHKE Online: OHKE Twitter • OHKE Facebook

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Changing levels x Breaking Standards x Elevating all