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07 - 18 - 2016

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Nigerian-American singer-songwriter OLAWUMI  releases her THE FEELS SERIES early this week. The five song project features producers Cloud Atrium and Nova, two producers who have helped build her songs to what it is today. The “soul-trap” artist is back and ready to be heard.

The beautiful Nigerian princess hails in New Jersey.  New Jersey is also home for artist such as the soul driven Lauryn Hill and pop legend Whitney Houston. Olawumi embodies much of the neo-soul vibes that most R&B is known for. The name “OLAWUMI” translates to “I want wealth” in Nigerian. Her wealth lays in her vocals, which will be fruitful in the end. The goddess is back with an R&B vibe on her The Feels series.

The whole project itself is a narration of lost love, found love, and reflection all at once. To start things off, the “Understand” is where Olawumi tells us how a relationship has took a turn for the worst, and they are now misunderstanding of one another. “I’ll never understand how you took my heart and broke it”, Olawumi voices in the chorus.

On the other hand, the track “Places”, she is now experiencing a new feeling from someone else. Bass-filled production by Nova make this slow-beat song perfect for any occasion for two.

image“Lost” is another slow tempo track with production from The Cloud Atrium. Here Olawumi helps tell a story about a lost love, with help from NYC rapper Khary. She reflects how good things were in the beginning of everything, how there were one of each other. Now, things aren’t like they were, and she wants to “get lost” from her lover. At this point, Khary follows the verse with more reminiscing memories with the two.

After listening to the EP, needless to say you should experienced more than feels. The EP’s purpose is not only for you to hear Olawumi’s sound of R&B, but to experience the emotion that is behind the work. This won’t be the last time you hear from the queen. Olawumi is expected to release another project “Emote” which is scheduled to come out later on this year.

For the latest on Olawumi, follow her Twitter, Instagram, and keep up with her Soundcloud. Check out “The Feels Series” above.

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