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05 - 24 - 2017

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Northern Virginia artist ‘Omar Get Em’ has something to prove. This week, the dedicated rapper/producer reveals “Mad Cash.” The trap infused single serves as the second drop from his forthcoming mixtape “Dedication.” The début single “Rock My World” featuring Tazy was strategically released on Valentines Day 2017. 

Kicking summertime off, Omar Get Em asks the people “what you know about that mad cash?” 

The east coast native is versatile, his résumé stems far beyond ‘rapping’ skills. His credits include music producing and visual art with a specialty in graphic design. Omar is also the CEO of music collective TLMG which stands for “Top Level Music Group.”

With his first mixtape “Dedication” releasing later this year, the artist is consistently building his brand and reputation through live performances, shows, and highly anticipated releases.

“Mad Cash” displays Omar’s raw hip-hop grit, flow, and ability. The key to succeeding in the hip-hop world is originality. Omar is on that path. In this song, he rides his own wave by staying true to his self and not adopting a trend. “Mad Cash” is a saucy anthem to stunt in the club with. Omar Get Em holds his own on the track. He visually paints a lifestyle with his bars such as Rick Ross and Fabolous.

With an artist from the DMV, I can always expect a new flavor. Glad to hear more artists representing their cities.

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“Dedication” is set for a late 2017 release.

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Changing levels x Breaking Standards x Elevating all