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09 - 26 - 2016

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The Atlanta-based West African bombshell, One Sophia releases new single “Skin.”

The song is inspired by the inner feminist in the artist. “I channeled a guy I felt was pressuring me to open up and trust him… despite him being a dog” says the artist. She wanted to give the female perspective from the “dogs” side of the situation.

The Breakdown

The song has such a sultry kind of feel to it. The artists’ voice just rolls along the track so softly. She expresses her desire for the person to “let down [their] skin” and to relax your mind. She consistently tries to woo this person with her words.

“You’ll be just fine,” she says over and over as she tries to reassure him that there is no other place that he should be in this moment. Listening to the way she speaks, it would be hard for anyone to not feel at ease.

The songstress has definitely turned the tables on this track. Accomplishing her goal of wooing a man into her bed, breaking down all of his walls despite the sting that might be behind every one of her words, or the hurt that may await him at the end of this.


Absolute Feels

This is one of those tracks that make you want to vibe out. But for all my women out there, it will make you feel like you can do bad all by yourself too (or maybe that’s just me).

Either way, One Sophia has definitely done it with this one, from the vocals down to the keys in the background.

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Changing levels x Breaking Standards x Elevating all