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05 - 04 - 2016






There will never be words to express the impact Foundation has had on my life. From the very first time I heard their music, to their final goodbye on Saturday, this band has never ceased to influence the way I live my life.

I first heard Foundation at the young, impressionable age of 15 years old. I was shuffling through used vinyl at Grimey’s Record Store in Nashville, Tennessee when an employee placed Foundation’s “When The Smoke Clears” on the store’s sound system and broadcasted the violent chord progression of the albums opening track, “Purple Heart.” I was awestruck. Having grown up in a small, rural town in southern middle Tennessee, I had never really been exposed to any punk or hardcore that wasn’t “mainstream.” Hearing Foundation was like discovering an entirely new world. A world in which I could have a medium to express the pent up aggression and self-hate that I was experiencing. I immediately purchased a copy of the record and rushed home to look up everything else Foundation had priorly released. I listened to the album nonstop for what seemed like months on end. I started my own hardcore band, wrote my own music and claimed straight edge because of this band. They inspired me to continue fighting against my own depression and anxiety. Their music inspired me to overcome addiction. So here I am, five years later. Still playing music in a genre Foundation introduced me to, still fighting my own battles with depression and addiction.

As much as it pains me to see them tie the knot on a band that changed my life in so many ways, I know every good thing must come to and end.

To Foundation, I thank you. Not only for helping me appreciate life but for saving mine from both addiction and depression. You may never know the impact your music had on my life but I hope and pray that you are able to continue fighting your own battles with the same strength that you have provided me throughout the years.

Every rope has it’s end, I just wish yours was a little longer.

-Reese Britton


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Changing levels x Breaking Standards x Elevating all