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03 - 22 - 2018

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Atlanta-based artist Pat Soul uses soulful vocals and dynamic R&B production in his new album, entitled simply, Pat.

The name is fitting as the album is an expression of Pat and the soul that lies within. The album is dedicated to love and its effect on the human experience. He expresses quite beautifully that love is worth the pain it brings. He illustrates this mentality as he sings, “We’ve all been through a little fire” in Anymore, and “Your love makes me lose my mind” in Lose My Mind. He’s clearly enamored with love itself. Though it’s not only love itself, as there’s clearly a woman who takes center stage in the tracks. The first song of the album is called ‘For You’, so the sentimental theme is immediately present. However, though the album has a continual message streaming throughout, it’s not a static progression.

Beyond Pat’s lyrics and vocal talent, he has the ability to manipulate beats through truly masterful production. His first track, For You, uses extensive fade, almost reminiscent of Kanye West’s legendary fades. Additionally, in Anymore he punctuates slow ballad-like vocals with a twangy electric guitar. His final track, Fallin’ has a more upbeat and pop-y feel to it, as Pat uses fade and electronically produced sounds.

Pat Soul sounds like a modern Justin Timberlake, and though he may not have the vocal range, his lyrics and production ability more than make up for it. Also, the Justin Timberlake comparison is no coincidence, as his track UTET (Until the End of Time) is actually a Timberlake cover. In Pat’s version, he plays with harmonies to make the track his own. My favorite song of the album is Lose My Mind, as it plays with a cyclical chord progression and deep bass. If you love R&B and you love love, then this album is for you.

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