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11 - 01 - 2016

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Singer/songwriter Zae has released a lot more than just a new single! In “Letting Go”, the new artist channeled all of her painful emotions from her broken heart into this song. Zae holds this piece close to her heart. It is the very place where “Letting Go” was created.

“Letting Go” is an electronic pop track produced by the talented Barney Lister. This new release captures the listener within seconds of its striking beat and Zae’s scaling notes.


Zae is a breathe of fresh air in the chaotic industry of music! Coming from London, this musician has brought an art created within her soul and expressed through her timeless vocals. “Letting Go” is a track inspired by Banks and Wafia that brings all of your feelings to the forefront of your heart. Zae states, “The song is about a dark period in my current relationship and was born from the deep sadness I felt at the time.”

As the beat hits, heavy synths pulse throughout your body. The intricate effects make this track unique in its own lane and unlike any current song. Zae’s sound is aggressive just like her lyricism. Together, a bold impression and demanding experience is delivered to her fans. However, Zae allows her listeners to connect to this common heartache that many can relate to in today’s society.

“Can I still fight for whats left of us,” is a question that all of face at some point or another in our relationships. Whether it is directed to your boyfriend, wife, mother, or best friend, we can all relate to Zae as this question seeps off of her beautiful voice.

Zae is courageous with her music and vulnerable to her songwriting. Her music emerges with arms wide open. Zae is an artist who delivers what she feels leaving no confusion, only answers. Stay tuned for her future releases as Zae fly’s to the top of the game with her soaring vocals!

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Changing levels x Breaking Standards x Elevating all