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04 - 17 - 2018

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New York rapper Princess Nokia has never played safe when it comes to her music. She pushes topics like feminism, depression, black empowerment and sometimes brujeria forward, forcing everyone to remain on her. Now, she’s caught our attention with her new project A Girl Cried Red. The album cover sets the overall theme of the project; Nokia in baggy pants, a classic metal band Slipknot tee, and a candid middle finger to top it off.

Since releasing her highly acclaimed album 1992 Deluxe, Princess Nokia has been busy being a motivational speaker, going on world tours, and recently performing on stage at Coachella. In the midst of it all, we hoped that a new project would be near. Finally,  she’s granted our wishes with A Girl Cried Red. With emo slowly injecting its way into hip-hop, Nokia is here to help pilot this forbidden genre mesh.

A Girl Cried Red is a project where Princess Nokia marries emo-like lyrics and sound with the hip hops traditional soundscape. It’s definitely not what you’re used to hearing on a hip-hop project, but that doesn’t take away the raw lyrics and feelings Nokia is targeting. “Smash my heart in pieces/ It looks so good on the floor” is embedded in most of the songs.

“Your Eyes Are Bleeding” comes with a video featuring moments of Nokia in White Castle and highlights of her 1992 World Tour. It stems from metal band Dance Gavin Dance and their song, also titled “Your Eyes Are Bleeding”. Princess Nokia has openly spoken about her past, feeling lost and being in touch with her emo roots. A Girl Cried Red gives listeners’ a deeper look into those times of adolescence.  Its nostalgic to those spent time in their Paramore days, and rewarding to those who still navigate that space.

It’s vital that artists create safe spaces for their fans. Princess Nokia creates a space where fans can escape from their difficult times of trying to meet social standards and express themselves in the rawest and comforting way. She remains at the forefront of womanism and Afro-Latinx prominence in hip-hop.


Check out A Girl Cried Red below.


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Changing levels x Breaking Standards x Elevating all