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09 - 06 - 2016

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K Camp has peeked out of his musical hole to share a new project with us, “Lyric Ave’. K Camp dropped his first major album through Interscope Records just last year. This also comes after his most recent release from the third installment of the “K.I.S.S.” series. It seems like with this release K Camp wants to be able to tell his fans that he has not loss any of his juices and he is only getting more efficient with his musicality as time progresses.


The newest project “Lyric Ave” cues itself in with the self entitled track in a gentle form with a melodic sample that creates a feeling of riding down a long street during a nighttime calm. K Camp steps on the beat with the utmost confidence and reassures the masses that he still has that magic that made him a pivotal piece in the game when he first entered. “Fuck Is Up” is vintage Camp. Having fun on this track was evident and you easily find yourself moving to the knocking beat as Camp gives you his daily stunts. The slow down at the end of this track is a personal favorite. K Camp gets closer with the lady’s feelings with the song “Touchdown”. He wants to create the ultimate scene for any female he encounters with when he touches down in their city; so for any desiring woman that exists, that is an offer that will probably be accepted each time.

“Ice Cream” might be the highlight of the EP. K Camp gets creative with the popular dairy product in the title. Letting it be known that anything in his way can get scooped and he is not worried about anything that is not reeling any personal revenue for him. Slim Jxmmi was the only feature on this tape, and he made sure to give his traditional sound. “Free Money” is a track oriented to getting the ladies worldwide to showoff their best dance moves. After a few seconds of listening, you won’t be surprised that your body took over your mental choices. “Hungry N Lurkin” is the best way to end this project for K Camp. He allows you to know that he is braggadocios, but ambitious with a hunger that has him yearning for more. This definitely won’t be the last time we hear from K Camp this year, so get familiar with the newest heat release above!

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Changing levels x Breaking Standards x Elevating all